Our Story

Waking up after a fun night out can be tough.

The headaches, nausea, muscle aches, dehydration, fatigue, increased sensitivity to light, dizziness – the list goes on… 

Why do we always need to atone for having a great night out? 

Leveraging my background in Chemical Engineering, I spent two years abroad researching various local remedies in order to formulate the perfect recovery using only natural ingredients.

Many demographic variables (such as age, weight, sex and ethnicity) affect how an individual is able to detoxify alcohol in their system. In order to address this diversity, we have tested every ingredient in the laboratory to determine the optimal quantity and potency required to alleviate the symptoms.

Having tested a variety of mixtures on hundreds of students and working professionals across the UK we eventually struck up the perfect 100ml formula. 

The result was HangZing - a unique and truly groundbreaking solution.

HangZing is designed to Refresh, Revive, Reboot.