HangZing is an innovative UK tech business founded by a British Chemical Engineer and is committed to using ground-breaking science to create radical food and drink products. 


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"Yes, Berocca is bae, but have you tried HangZing? The little bottle is UK’s first drinkable hangover supplement. It replenishes all of the nutrients lost from alcohol consumption and we think it’s blooming fantastic. Granted it’s not a drink you’ll want to down like the ones last night, but it works a treat."
Say Goodbye to Your Hangover With These Tips
The Handbook - October 09, 2018
The Grocer - September 18, 2018
"1. Zing your hangover away. Grab yourself a bottle of HangZing, the UK’s first hangover supplement. It is scientifically formulated using a revolutionary blend of naturally-functional ingredients and ancient antidotes to fight the aftereffects of alcohol consumption. Containing Hovenia Dulcis, Milk Thistle, Nopal Cactus and Siberian Ginseng, this mighty little bottle will fight the aftereffects of your cocktail consumption."
5 ways to cure your hangover this London Cocktail Week
FemaleFirst - October 05, 2018
"This is actually rather genius. A hangover cure, in a bottle, that is curiously shaped to embody a mix between a medicinal container and a soft drink vessel – who knew? RATED: Customer Satisfaction **** Quality ***** Value for Money ****"
HangZing Review
WhatsOn Guide - October 02, 2018
"The supplement comes in two tasty flavour options including 'Garden Mint' and 'Lychee and Lemongrass... it is also vegan-friendly to ensure it meets stringent consumer needs."
Functional Hangover Supplements
TREND HUNTER - September 26, 2018
"Well, I tried a bottle of this HangZing stuff... I have to say, I did feel less like a zombie the day after a heavy night, which preceded the glugging of one of these."
The Best Nutrition Tech, Gadgets And Innovation 2018
Forbes - September 18, 2018
"HangZing has launched what is said to be the UK’s first drinkable hangover supplement using naturally functional ingredients to fight the negative impact of alcohol consumption."
HangZing develops hangover tipple
Natural Products News - September 25, 2018
"UK-based tech brand HangZing has developed a drinkable supplement that is said to fight the effects of hangovers through the use of herbs, electrolytes and vitamins."
HangZing introduces drinkable anti-hangover supplement line
FoodBev Media - September 25, 2018
"The brand is looking to create a new category for products with the sole purpose of mitigating hangovers, and promises to cut the annual cost of hangovers to the UK economy, which is estimated at almost £2bn a year in absenteeism and lost productivity."
HangZing Creates New Category With First Drinkable Hangover Supplement
KamCity - September 19, 2018
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"Grab your hangover cure. To conquer a hangover you need to fuel your body with the right vitamins and nutrients. HangZing which has natural ingredients to aid detoxification to reduce your hangover. "
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"Ladies & gents, your hangover cure has arrived! 🤗😉And just in time for #LondonCocktailWeek 🍹🙌 HangZing is a hangover supplement available in Lychee & Lemongrass or Garden Mint 🤸‍♀️🤸‍ Find out more at https://hangzing.com/ ☺️"
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"Try the UK’s first drinkable hangover supplement! Our cookery ed @hayleycookerylondon gave it a go and is hangover free even after a few too many cocktails 🙌🏼. #takeabreak #takeabreakmagazine #toomanywines #hangover #supplement #hangovercure #gamechanger"
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"Preparing us for the weekend @hangzinguk #LondonCocktailWeek"
Daily Star Instagram Story
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"Thank you @HangZingUK for helping us through #LondonCocktailWeek. No more hangovers for us!😍😍"
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"Get over that #LondonCocktailWeek hangover with @hangzinguk! The perfect little pick me up."
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